Wednesday, 21 September 2011


How is this for a interesting abstract art idea! Just perfect. The couple that created this piece collected over 300 paint samples and then arranged them onto the wall to create this striking piece, see more on Kimberly's blog Third Floor Design Studio.
I'm thinking of stealing the idea (in a much smaller scale) by collecting 3 colour groups and then arranging them in 3 white ikea shadow frames.    
I'll keep you posted 

Palette x 

Interior LOVE

Sometimes things just come together. The hire place has exactly what your looking for, all the accessories work together and the property is the perfect blank canvas. 

Palette x

P.S I would love to stop using canvas art, I'm actually not a big fan of it. Some interesting (crafty) artwork is the next thing on my list. 

Sunday, 21 August 2011

2 & 3

Palette properties no. 2 & 3! Both small apartments in Melbourne's North and I loved working on each of them. Though I am a little concerned at how bland this last bedroom has come up in these photos, there is a fine line between over styling and leaving a property too bare and I think this rooms needs a little extra something. My first intention was to hang 3 pictures above the bed but then I decided against it, in hindsight I think the pictures were exactly what the room needed. What do you think?

Palette x 

Weekend Finds.

I easily could have spent hours looking through all the treasures that were on display at the Vintage Shed in Tyabb. Though I restrained myself and came away with a few special finds: a collection vintages glass bottles, a glass dome (I now wish I had picked up the other dome that was on display), some wooden crates and what looks to be a collection of scrabble letters though they are round! This was a business shopping trip and all of these will be appearing in a Palette property very soon but as there isn't one booked at the moment they are happily on display in my studio. 

Palette x 

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

First Palette Property!

A small apartment in Thornbury, filled with lots of natural light & a dream to work on! 
Palette x