Sunday, 21 August 2011

Weekend Finds.

I easily could have spent hours looking through all the treasures that were on display at the Vintage Shed in Tyabb. Though I restrained myself and came away with a few special finds: a collection vintages glass bottles, a glass dome (I now wish I had picked up the other dome that was on display), some wooden crates and what looks to be a collection of scrabble letters though they are round! This was a business shopping trip and all of these will be appearing in a Palette property very soon but as there isn't one booked at the moment they are happily on display in my studio. 

Palette x 


  1. Is that an IKEA Expedit I spy? I have one and it is amazing that even if the stuff in them is not so tidy it all still looks cool :)

  2. Yes it is!

    Thank you for the comments :)

  3. Thank you for shopping at the Vintage Shed ;)