Sunday, 21 August 2011

2 & 3

Palette properties no. 2 & 3! Both small apartments in Melbourne's North and I loved working on each of them. Though I am a little concerned at how bland this last bedroom has come up in these photos, there is a fine line between over styling and leaving a property too bare and I think this rooms needs a little extra something. My first intention was to hang 3 pictures above the bed but then I decided against it, in hindsight I think the pictures were exactly what the room needed. What do you think?

Palette x 


  1. maybe... a picture or two with some red in them may do the trick to contrast all the neutrals.

  2. Just 'discovered' you via Lady Melbourne. Love the last picture! I like what you did by putting those two arm chairs next to each other instead of another couch :)

    Happy blogging! Ivory x

  3. Catssaymeow- Another touch of red would have been perfect!

    Ivory- Thank you, I loved the armchairs, I wish I could have taken them home with me :)

  4. Looks fab Miss D! And loving the new blog layout! Have joined away via google connect, you need to follow me w your new blog!
    Cant wait to see some more of your creations! xx

  5. Your designs are lovely - clean, bright, and comfortable to really live in. Happy to have 'discovered' your blog!
    - Catherine at The Spring (in Brisbane)